Dr. Barsky's Courses, Awards, & Syllabi


Courses Taught

Courses Taught  [1]

SOW 7776 Social Work Pedagogy                              DSW  S17, S19

SOW 6979 Thesis Course                                             MSW  S12
SOW 6971 Thesis Proposal Course                              MSW  S07, F08, F11
SOW 6930 Independent Study – SW Research          MSW  Su04
                    and the Law
SOW 6930 Legislative Advocacy                                 MSW  S10
SOW 6363 Advanced Evaluation                                 MSW  F04, F06

SOW 6324 Families and Groups                                  MSW S09, S18, S19

SOW 6305 Generalist Practice with Individuals          MSW  F10 (2X), F11, F12 (2X), F13 (2X), F14 (2X),
                                                                                                 F16 (2X), F17 (2X), F18
SOW 6296 Ethical Issues in Social Work                     MSW  F01(2X), F02 (2X), F03 (2X)
                                                                                                 Su05, Su06, Su07, Su08, Su09, Su10
                                                                                                 S11 (2X), S12(2X), Su13, Su14, S17, Su18, Su19
SOW 6158 Conflict Resolution                                       MSW Su01, Su02, Su03, Su04, Su05
                                                                                                 Su06, Su07, Su08, Su09, Su10, Su11
                                                                                                 Su12, Su13, Su14, Su15, Su16, SU17, S18
SOW 6132 Human Diversity                                           MSW  S01, SO2, S03 (2X), S04,
                                                                                                   Su04, S05 (2X); S06 (2X)
SOW 6030 Intervention in the Field of Addictions        MSW Su01, S04, S05, S06, S07, S08,
                                                                                                 S09, S10, Su11, Su12, S13, S14, S15, Su15, S17, S18
SOW 4988 Social Work & Substance Abuse                  BSW S01, Su01, S04
SOW 4620 Minority Issues & Social Work                      BSW  S02
SOW 4343 Generalist Practice with Communities         BSW  F05
                        and Organizations
SOW 4313 Generalist Practice-Families & Groups         BSW  S02, Su02, S04, F04, F05, F06,
                                                                                                   S07, S08 (2X), S13, S17
SOW 4300 Generalist Practice with Individuals             BSW   F08, F09
SOW 2930 Social Action and Social Change                  -----     F09


SOWK 743 Social Work Education                                 PhD     W00
SOWK 691.05 Conflict Management                              PhD      F99 (Directed Study)
SOWK 693 Conflict Management in Social Practice     MSW    S95, W97, S99, F00
SOWK 689 Integrative Seminar II/ Field                        MSW    W95, W96, W97
SOWK 687 Integrative Seminar I/ Field                         MSW    F94, F95, F96
SOWK 671 Clinical Practice Methods I                            MSW    F98, F99, F00
SOWK 673 Clinical Practice Methods II                          MSW    W96
SOWK 651 Intervention in the Field of Addictions         MSW    W95, F96, F97, W99
SOWK 527 Social Work and Addictions                         BSW     F95, W97, F97, W99
SOWK 595.04 Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work            BSW     S97; S99, S00
SOWK 533 Practice Methods                                          BSW     W96
SOWK 315 Interviewing                                                   BSW     F94, F96, F98
LWSO 512 Law and Society                                             BA        F97


Conflict Resolution in a Multicultural Context
    Continuing Studies                                                      Non-Credit S92
Elements of Social Work Practice (Teaching Asst.)      MSW     F90
Interviewing and Communications                                MSW     F91


Addictions I: Causes and Effects                                    BSW      W92, F92
Addictions II: Intervention                                               BSW     S92, W93
Conflict Resolution Continuing Education                     Non-Credit   S93
Faculty Field Liaison (2nd Practicum)                           BSW     F92, W93, F93, W94
Social Work Practice with Individuals & Families          BSW     F92, W93, F93, W94
Social Work and the Law: Family Law                           BSW     W89, F90, F91
Social Work and the Law: Youth and
   the Criminal Justice System                                        BSW     W92

[1] S refers to Spring term, then the year. Su refers to summer term, W refers to winter term, and F refers to fall term. Spring term at Florida Atlantic University starts in January. Florida has no "winter." The winter terms at University of Toronto, University of Calgary, and Ryerson University also start in January.

Academic and Professional Awards

Florida Atlantic University, College for Design and Social Inquiry, “Scholar of the Year Award” (College nominee, 2017).

Florida Atlantic University, College for Design and Social Inquiry, “Community Service Award” (College nominee, 2017).

National Association of Social Workers, Excellence in Ethics Award (2015).

Scholar of the Year, College for Design & Social Inquiry (2013).

Undergraduate Advisor of the Year, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs (2010). Florida Atlantic University.

Distinguished Teacher of the Year, FAU School of Social Work Nominee (2010).

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Meyer Elkin Award for Best Journal Article (2008).

Florida Atlantic University Researcher of the Year, Creative and Scholarly Works (2007).

Researcher of the Year – Creative Works and Scholarly Works, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs (2006). Florida Atlantic University.

Distinguished Teacher of the Year, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs (2005). Florida Atlantic University.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (1992). University of Toronto.

University of Toronto - Open Scholarship (1990).

Yeshiva University - Open Scholarship (1987).

Lash, Johnson Prize in Commercial Law (1982). University of Toronto.

D. I. McLeod Award in the School of Business (1980). Queen's University.

Annie Bentley Lillie Award in Calculus (1980). Queen's University.

Queen’s University Provincial Entrance Award (1979, four years).

Course Syllabi

MSW Practice with Families and Groups Course - Allan Barsky (docx)


DSW Social Work Pedagogy Course - Allan Barsky (docx)


MSW Social Work Ethics Course - Allan Barsky (docx)


MSW Practice with Individuals Course - Allan Barsky (docx)


MSW Conflict Resolution Course - Allan Barsky (docx)